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      Once upon a time, a prospector named Jethro traveled from the east in search of fortune and happiness.  No stone was left unturned. Hard work, perseverance, and his ornery mule #7 brought him to the land of the Horseshoe Curve and scenic mountains.  There, between Chimney Rocks and the Wopsononock, he found the Plateau of Fairway, the Lucky Stone, and the end of his travel.

      Jethro's claim was never rich in minerals, but grew from the wealth of friends attracted to his Allegheny Hide-a-way.  They were entertained with good food, fine drink, and pleasant service at Jethro's Home on the Hill.  As they left for lands afar, each pilgrim touched the Lucky Stone to share in Jethro's good fortune.

       Ol' Jethro still provides the best of Allegheny Mountain hospitality, and travelers stop to touch the Lucky Stone every day.  Each guest is welcomed in the same way as did the prospector on the original claim, way back in the beginning.  He hopes Jethro's- The Place for Ribs and Steaks will become your favorite landmark-and restaurant.
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